Friday, January 7, 2022

More on the U.S. presidency in 2022

What fascinates me about Tarot reading is not that what the cards say always comes true, but rather the simple, astonishing fact that they always do say something. Whatever question I put to them, they always address it. It is not the accuracy that impresses so much as the sheer responsiveness. In theory, it can all be dismissed as coincidence and apophenia; in practice, this becomes harder and harder to do with a straight face.

Sometimes I think people like me shouldn't be allowed to play with Tarot cards. You take a tool designed to turn synchronicity up to 11 and put it in the hands of someone like me, and -- well, isn't that a bit reckless?


My January 4 Reading for 2022 involved drawing "before" and "after" cards showing how various people and things would change or develop over the course of the coming year. Included were "before" and "after" cards for Joe Biden and Kamala Harris.

On January 6, wanting further clarification, I drew "before" and "after" cards for the presidency as a whole. Below are the two cards from the January 6 reading, with the corresponding Biden and Harris cards from the January 4 reading below.

The Two of Cups, for the start of 2022, clearly matches up with the Biden and Harris cards from the earlier reading.  It has precisely the same layout as the Devil card: a woman on the left, a man on the right, and a central non-human figure looming in the background. The man on the Two of Cups is wearing practically the same tunic as the Page of Wands, confirming that he is Biden, the woman is Harris, and the lion/devil is the shadowy power behind the throne.

At the end of 2022, the Queen of Cups shows a woman alone on the throne, dressed similarly to the woman on the Two of Cups (blue and white clothes, laurel wreath). Strength shows a woman with a lion. In my earlier reading, I was unsure as to which of the figures on the Devil card this lion represented, the man or the devil. In the Two of Cups, though, the lion clearly corresponds to the devil. It appears, then, that the year begins with Biden and Harris sharing nominal power but in fact controlled by a hidden "devil." By the end of the year, Biden is out of the picture and Harris is in control, in partnership with the "devil."

Leaving aside the Five of Wands, in which the five figures are not readily identifiable as individuals, we have the following mappings:
  • the Devil = the lion-headed caduceus on the Two of Cups = the lion on Strength
  • the Page of Wands = the Devil's male captive = the man on the Two of Cups = Joe Biden
  • the Queen of Cups = the Devil's female captive = the woman on the Two of Cups = the woman on Strength = Kamala Harris
Let us look at each of these in turn.


The Devil

Looking at the Two of Cups in isolation, I would never have thought to connect it with the Devil. Once the connection has been made, though, another image immediately comes to mind as the "missing link" between the two: Éliphas Lévi's famous drawing of "Baphomet" or "the Sabbatic Goat," first published in 1856 in his Dogme et Rituel de la Haute Magie, and since coopted by self-styled Satanists. 

There is no question that Waite was very extensively influenced by Lévi, and his Devil is very clearly patterned after Lévi's Goat. We see the horns, the pentagram, the torch, the position of the arms, etc. -- all rather different from the way the Devil is typically portrayed in the Marseille tradition. However, Lévi's drawing also features feathered wings and a caduceus -- which appear not on Waite's Devil card but on his Two of Cups.

There is no lion's head on Lévi's Baphomet, though. For that, we need to look at another image: the myterious "Leontocephaline" (lion-headed) figure associated with Mithraism.

Notice the lion's head, the feathered wings, and the caduceus -- all the elements that feature in the Two of Cups. The exact identity of this figure is a matter of speculation and scholarly debate, but it has become conventional to refer to it as Arimanius -- that is to say, Ahriman, the "devil" of Zoroastrianism, whose name would later be used by Rudolf Steiner (and later still by my own circle of Romantic Christians) to refer to the materialistic, bureaucratic, "lawful evil" aspect of the demonic.

Are the two people on the Two of Cups drinking a toast to the devil, then? Ah, but the cups combined with the caduceus give an added meaning.

The cup and serpent is the Bowl of Hygieia, symbol of pharmacy. Here we have two cups and two serpents -- but the serpents are combined to form a caduceus, symbol of commerce. Isn't such an unholy combination precisely what we have in mind when we say "Big Pharma"? And isn't Big Pharma one of the primary manifestations of Ahriman in the modern world?

In this context, another detail of Lévi's Baphomet image becomes interesting: The monster's raised right arm is labeled "Solve," and his lowered left arm is labeled "Coagula." These have an alchemical meaning in their original context, but in the context of Big Pharma in 2022, it is impossible not to notice the resonance with a particular medical intervention, being pushed relentlessly by the Ahrimanic establishment, which is supposed to "solve" a supposed crisis but is actually causing a real crisis having to do with hematological "coagulation."

In addition to whatever Mithraic meaning it may have, the winged lion also appears in the Bible (Daniel 7) as a symbol of Nebuchadnezzar's Babylon. The "guardian of peace and security" statue that was briefly installed at the UN headquarters at the end of last year was connected by many with this beast, as well as with the Beast of Revelation -- which also represents "Babylon," meaning Rome.

Babylon, Rome, 666, the UN, Big Pharma -- Ahriman. The devil figure on these cards represents not some particular person who is the real power behind the throne, but rather the Ahrimanic System which is the power behind all thrones -- at least "till the thrones are cast down" (Dan. 7:9).


The Page of Wands (Biden)

There is little to add to my discussion of Biden in "Reading for 2022." However, the addition of Baphomet to the mix suggests a possible interpretation of the Devil setting fire to the Biden figure's tail with the torch he holds in his left hand. The corresponding arm on Lévi's Baphomet is labeled coagula -- could this be a hint that Biden could be removed from action by pharmacologically induced thrombosis? That would be a very plausibly deniable way of offing him wouldn't it -- Alec Baldwinning him next time he does a fake peck photo op? The effect needn't be immediate, either. The Devil card shows his tail being lit as if it were a fuse, which makes me think of these lines from the They Might Be Giants song "Hide Away Folk Family."

Tippy-toe to the front door, Mother,
'Cause there's a guy with a long, long fuse
And the one thing you can't hide is all the fear you feel inside
As the fuse is spelling out these words

Hide away folk family
Or else someone's gonna get ya (Someone's gonna get ya)
Someone's gonna get ya
Hide away folk family
Better hide away
Better hide away

Tippy-toe to the flat-bed, Father,
Because they're pouring out our gasoline
And sadly the cross-eyed bear's been put to sleep behind the stairs
And his shoes are laced with irony


Hello. This is Lesley Down with the daily home astrology report.
Taurus: Contemplate domestic turmoil.
Aquarius: Abandon hope for future plans.

I'm not sure if the Taurus and Aquarius references mean anything, but it's interesting to note that Inauguration Day is often the day the Sun enters Aquarius.


The Queen of Cups (Harris)

Looking at all of the cards we are considering, we find Harris represented four times: twice as a woman with a cup, once as a woman with grapes growing from her tail, and once as a woman with a lion. This theme of cups and grapes reminds me that in Aleister Crowley's version of the Strength card (renamed Lust; in order to maintain his cred as the Wickedest Man in the World, Crowley renamed all three virtue trumps), the woman is portrayed as the biblical Whore of Babylon and is holding a cup.

Crowley himself characterizes this cup as "the Holy Grail burned with love and death," but in the Bible it is "a golden cup in her hand full of abominations and filthiness of her fornication" (Rev. 17:17), and "the inhabitants of the earth have been made drunk with the wine of her fornication" (Rev. 17:2). 

The identification (divinatory, not literal!) is clinched by the way this character is introduced in Revelation: "I will shew unto thee the judgment of the great whore that sitteth upon many waters" (Rev. 17:1). If you look at the Queen of Cups, you will see that she, too, sits upon many waters, her throne being on a tiny island or promontory, with water all around. Note also that Biden and Harris are often disparagingly referred to as "Joe and the Hoe" -- the latter title being nothing but a dialect version of the word used in Revelation.

Oh, and did I mention that "Crowley's" cards were actually painted by a woman named Harris?


Ra1119bee said...


Very interesting as I think your perspective here connects to much of what I've predicted
and shared with you in my previous comments and communications with you about the Fall of American Empire with Harris, having been selected to be at the Helm, symbolizing the last step Rubedo/ Reddening (setting sun) in the Alchemical Experiment Transformation of what we know now as America, but was always destined to be The New Atlantis.

Research John Dee, Plato, Sir Walter Raliegh, Sir Francis Bacon and the 77th Meridian West
and Manly P. Hall, The Secret Destiny of America.

As stated, I personally believe that after a Black Swan event, which I predict will happen this year, Harris will be catapulted into the POTUS position and she will usher in a Triumvirate Governance, which will be 'sold' as temporary but it will not be.
I believe that Pluto's Return will be the spark that ignites the Black Swan Event.

Your comment;" Biden could be removed from action by pharmacologically induced thrombosis?"
My response; Perhaps Pluto answers your theory about Biden and spontaneous combustion??

IMO, Everything in America after the Black Swan event, will be transformed dramatically true to Plutonium's explosive energy.

It's interesting that Pluto has been in Capricorn since 2008 and will go out of Capricorn
in 2024.

Capricorn, the Goat, rules: Winter, Old Age, Banking, Commerce, Agriculture (Real Estate and Food Source) Tried and True large Blue-Chip corporations (remember what happened to Lehman Brothers in 08?
I believe that by 2024, the world, but especially America, will be unrecognizable.

As I've stated previously, I believe Humanity is shifting Ages, from the Industrial Age
to the Silicon Age,aka The Fourth Industrial Revolution,, aka The Great Reset, a Technocracy, and metaphysically from the Age of Pisces to the Age of Aquarius, and America
to The New Atlantis. America, The Phoenix that Rises out of the Ashes.

What's that saying? "Slow at first and then all at once".

I think Pluto's Return will ignite the; All at Once.

Nothing new under the sun...

Ra1119bee said...


I was listening to an old 1969 Rolling Stones song: Gimme Shelter.
Being boomers, my sister and I really liked this song.
Never quite took notice of the lyrics however, until recently.

Just a Shot Away, children?
Reference to the Bird peck ya think?

Also interesting the line: a storm is threatening.
Didn't Trump say something about a dark winter?

Also interesting the reference to War, which I absolutely believe
humanity is on the precipice of a Spiritual war.

Also the reference to FIRE and burning like a RED coal carpet. (please
see my previous post about my perspective about Harris symbolic of America's Alchemical
Rubedo and the Rusting of the Industrial (Iron) Age and Pluto's Return.

Also interesting in the lyrics : Mad Bull Lost its Way.
A reference to Taurus the Bull perhaps? Of course, the Bull being
Symbolic of Commerce via Wall Street.

As I’m sure you probably would agree, that in the US, the Middle Class
and the American Dream is fading away, which destroying America ‘Economically’ has always
been the plan of our Opponents via The Great Reset.

Also Interesting a little trivia about this song.
Merry Clayton (who is Black) was a backup singer back in the day and sung the chorus
in Gimme Shelter.
According to Merry Clayton (who lived in LA) she was called to the studio in the middle of the night to sing ' RAPE! MURDER! It’s Just a Shot Away!
Merry said that she was hesitant to sing those lyrics but decided to do so.
She was also pregnant at the time, and had a miscarriage a few months after the recording session.

I see now that Merry Clayton is being given credit rights, which of course wasn’t the case
back in the day.
I wouldn’t be surprised if the Rolling Stones did so for PR purposes.
(Social Justice?)

Here’s the lyrics.

Gimme Shelter
The Rolling Stones, Merry Clayton

Ooh, a storm is threatening
My very life today
If I don't get some shelter
Ooh yeah I'm gonna fade away

War, children
It's just a shot away
It's just a shot away
War, children
It's just a shot away
It's just a shot away

Ooh, see the fire is sweepin'
Our streets today
Burns like a red coal carpet
Mad bull lost its way

War, children
It's just a shot away
It's just a shot away
War, children
It's just a shot away
It's just a shot away

Rape, murder, it's just a shot away
It's just a shot away
Rape, murder, yeah, it's just a shot away
It's just a shot away
Rape, murder, it's just a shot away
It's just a shot away

Mmm, a flood is threatening
My very life today
Gimme, gimme shelter
Or I'm gonna fade away

War, children
It's just a shot away
It's just a shot away
It's just a shot away
It's just a shot away
It's just a shot away

I tell you love, sister
It's just a kiss away
It's just a kiss away
It's just a kiss away
It's just a kiss away
It's just a kiss away
Kiss away, kiss away

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