Monday, November 9, 2020

The other Trump trump

Thinking about the Sun card and free-associating, I suddenly thought of that creepy baby sun from Teletubbies. Searching for pictures of it led me to some guy whose name on Facebook is "The Sun from Teletubbies" -- and his profile picture, since April 2016, is this:

This is pretty obviously a reference to the proposed wall along the Mexican border which was so central to Donald Trump's 2016 platform, and Trump is depicted as the sun because this guy is "The Sun from Teletubbies" and all his profile pictures -- dating back to 2012, well before Trump entered politics -- are variations on that theme. In other words, the chance of this image's being a deliberate allusion to the Tarot is virtually nil. Nevertheless, the resemblance is striking!

Pierre Madenié, Rider-Waite

The Tarot de Marseille card features a sun with a face, a wall, and a representation of the astrological sign of Gemini. In a recent post, I tried and failed to explain why the TdM would associate the Sun with Gemini. Well, it turns out that Donald Trump is a Gemini, born on June 14.

The Rider-Waite card, with a gray wall and yellow flowers, resembles TSFT's profile picture even more closely. The Gemini imagery is absent, but in its place is an even more specific reference to Trump's date of birth: June 14 is a national holiday in America -- Flag Day.

In a recent comment on another post here, Bruce Charlton referred to the child on the Rider-Waite card as "the crowned Donaldic figure on the horse" -- which reminded me of those Trump Baby balloons. The TdM also features children, and of course the original Sun from Teletubbies had the face of a baby.

Trump's most distinctive physical feature is his hair. Strange to say, some versions of the Tarot de Marseille give the Sun a head of orange hair.

Top: Jean-Baptiste Madenié, Rochus Schär, Claude Burdel
Bottom: Jacques Burdel, François Gassmann

Those cards which give the Sun hair also give it a necklace of flowers -- similar to the crown of flowers worn by the "Donaldic figure" on the Rider-Waite card.

I don't know. Ask the Chinese.

It may be surprising to find Donald Trump, of all people, in the Tarot, but it shouldn't be. Think about it: a former casino owner, named Trump, who wrote The Art of the Deal -- just the sort of person you would expect to be "in the cards."

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Bruce Charlton said...

Up till now, it could all have been a (massively improbable) coincidence - but surely this final cache of evidence clinches things; even for the most dyed-in-the-wool sceptic?

Could the "moon" be Betelgeuse?

In my last post , I mentioned that Sirius and Procyon -- possibly represented by the two dogs or jackals on the Moon card -- form a triangle...